Please note that due to conflict at the stadium we had to remove the October 21 date.

The 2017 SCCA Solo Nationals are in the books! Congrats to everyone who competed. Our small region had 15 people make the trek to Lincoln this year chasing that elusive national championship jacket! Everyone is listed below with how they finished in their respective classes and how they compared in PAX to the other 1325 drivers at the event.

David Barkley- STS- 24th in Class - 530th in PAX
Clark Benton- ES- 58th in Class – 1134th in PAX
Paul Crane- HS- 27th in Class – 904th in PAX
Eric Davis- STR- 37th in Class – 506th in PAX
Chris Edens- BSP- 2nd in Class (Trophy) – 6th in PAX
Lacie Edens- BSPL- 3rd in Class – 1056th in PAX
Charlie Holt- STP- 11th in Class – 789th in PAX
JP Kvetko- CS- 20th in Class – 409th in PAX
Tyler Kvetko- CS- 7th in Class (Trophy) – 228th in PAX
Frank Likert- BSP- 4th in Class (Trophy) – 56th in PAX
Brady Loretz- STR- 63rd in Class – 874th in PAX
David Lousteau Jr- CAMS- 2nd in Class (Trophy) – 360th in PAX
David Lousteau Sr- CAMS- 11th in Class – 865th in PAX
Corey Pettett- STP- 13th in Class – 957th in PAX
Grady Wood- CAMC- 43rd in Class – 1103rd in PAX

ARSCCA RallyX heads back to the Ozarks after our summer break to kick off the 2nd half of the 2017 season! The summer heat hasn't fully left us yet, but the weather's always a little nicer on top of the mountain. SCCA RallyCross returns September 16th to our Clinton venue to kick off the 3rd installment of the 2017 season, so make your plans now to come and get dirty with ARSCCA!

Join us in Blytheville Sept. 23 and 24 for points events 8 and 9, including the annual ARSCCA Governor's Cup! Sunday will finish up with the Arkansas region's own Benny Dement Bonus Challenge in which the top 10 pax from the day compete in the same car for a single run for a special prize!

More updates and notes will be posted here, on our 2017 schedule page, and also on our Facebook page.