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Officers - 2018

Officers & Contact information


Regional Executive
Nick Mellenthin

Assistant R. E.
Nelson Santos
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Carlotta Ford

Trisha Guenther

Activities Chair
Brady Loretz

Autocross Chairs
Michael Ford

RallyCross Chair
Zach Shaddox

Competition Chair
Chris Edens
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Membership Chair
Shawn McAllister
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Cory Pettett and Adam Cadorette

Web Master
Park Kelley
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Past Regional Executive
Chris Edens

Midiv Liaison
Janet Berry

ARSCCA Board Minutes December 5, 2018


Members Present:


Nick Mellenthin

Corey Pettett

Adam Cadorette

Mike Ford

Carlotta Ford

Brady Loretz

Park Kelley


This was the first meeting for the 2019 ARSCCA Board.  Following are the new board members and positions:


RE – Nick Mellenthin

Assistant RE – Nelson Santos

Treasurer – Trish Gunther

Membership Chair – Shawn McAllister

Activity Chair – Brady Loretz

AutoCross Chair – Mike Ford

Secretary – Carlotta Ford

RallyCross Chair – Zach Shaddox

Competition Chair – Chris Edens

WebMaster – Park Kelley

Members at Large – Corey Pettett and Adam Cadorette

Past RE – Chris Edens

Midiv Liaison – Janet Berry


Discussed possibility of making the hangover race for 2019 a charity event.  Possibly at Goodwill if their parking lot is ready and they approve.


Corey had a charity event idea of taping member photos on cones.  If a driver hits a photo’d cone they pay an agreed amount to the charity.


Question was asked if anyone had talked with Stuttgart airfield.  We had events there in the past and checking on a possibility for future events.


Mike Ford to drive by the Goodwill building to see if the parking lot upgrade is still under construction.  Plans to do this Saturday, December 8th and report back to board.


Corey listed a few locations that past events were held.  Information was requested to see if we could conceivably use any for future events.  The sites he remembered are as follows:


El Mira

Walnut Ridge


Pettit Jean airfield

Hot Springs – Oaklawn parking lot

Hot Springs – airport

UofAPB parking lot

LR AirForce base

Russellville High school parking lot.


Brady mentioned looking at a change to the points awarded per race.  Park is to take the last two years and calculate points based on the proposed change and compare them to current. This will be reported back to the board for a determination.


A proposed schedule was set up based on national events that have already been posted.  This is a proposal only and final dates would depend on approval from War Memorial and/or other sites if we can find available.


Corey Pettett hosted a Safety Steward class at his home on December 1st with Richard Holden as instructor.  There were twelve in attendance.

Carlotta Ford

Mike Ford

Ben Walker

Thomas Lipham

Kamil Bogusiewicz

Paul Soulsby

David Lousteau Sr.

Jay Yarboro

Bill Burnham

Nick Mellenthin

Brandon Olvey

James Lane


If we have everyone complete the Steward shadow and turn in paperwork, we will be in good shape for Safety Stewards.  I will be sending out reminders and mentioning in the newsletter when someone does a Safety Shadow.  I also have a sheet to keep up with the dates so I will be requesting a report back when someone completes a Shadow.


We scheduled more events as possibilities to cover any event that some are not approved. 

Current proposed dates for ARSCCA Solo events:


March 9 – Test and Tune

March 10 – Event #1

March 23 – Event #2

March 24 – Event #3

(Either March 9/10 or 23/24 will be held at Blytheville, the other in LR)

April 27 – Event #4

April 28 – Event #5

May 18 – Event #6

May 19 – Event #7

(Either April or May weekend proposed drivers’ school)

June 15 – Event #8

June 16 – Event #9

June 27 – 30 will be ProSolo in Blytheville

July 13 – Event #10 \Option for a one-day event either day

July 14 – Event #10 /

August 17 – Event #11 Blytheville

August 18 – Event #12 Blytheville

September 21 – Event #13 LR

September 22 – Event #14 LR

October 12 – Event #15 \ Governor’s cup?

October 23 – Event #16 /

November 2 – Event #17

November 3 – Event #18

December 7 – Awards banquet

December 8 – Hangover